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Cultura na Rua is the name of the program prepared by EGEAC, through the Public Space Programming Office. There are several programs that, throughout the year, outdoors or in different spaces, discovering new places, invite you to cultural enjoyment in the city with free entry.

Between April and December, Cultura na Rua brings music, theater, dance, cinema, literature and poetry to squares, gardens and streets, ensuring democratic access to the arts and reinforcing the memory and identity of the city through initiatives emblematic like the Lisbon festivals.

The Festivals, with the traditional Marches and Popular Arraials, are at the heart of the activity that we develop in public spaces, but the year is also punctuated by other programs. April in Lisbon, Lisbon on the street, Christmas in Lisbon is New Year in Lisbon they are different cultural moments organized by the Public Space Programming, experiencing the different times of the year with surprising proposals under the motto of discovering the city.

The Sardines and the emblematic international creativity competition Sardinhas Festas de Lisboa are also “cooked” here. This competition, which made Sardine an inseparable symbol of the city, launches each year the challenge of being part of the communication of the Festas de Lisboa and integrating a long and beautiful gallery of entries that reach us from all corners of the world .

Sustainability and accessibility also characterize Public Space Programming, which has been gradually working to make all Street Culture more accessible to everyone and more environmentally friendly.

Welcome to Cultura na Rua!