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Christmas in Lisbon
Mandalas for Children | offering the universe

The mandala represents a complete and perfect universe, full of precious objects. In this activity, aimed at children aged 6 to 12, we’ll explain the meaning of mandalas, allowing them to take a glimpse at this perspective on the universe and play with symbols and colours. The mandala originated as a circle containing within it […]

Christmas in Lisbon
What is a nativity scene?

The nativity scene originated in the Greccio mountains, but quickly spread across the world. At this workshop, we challenge families to make their own nativity scene.

Christmas in Lisbon
Oriental X’mas

Oriental X’MAS is a celebration, organised by the Hindu Community of Portugal, which will be opening the doors its temple to everyone, providing the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in an original way. The programme includes a guided tour of the Radha Krishna Temple, an Indian music and dance show, followed by a festival with traditional […]

Com'Out Lisbon
Festival Estes Romanos Estão Loucos

The Museum is taking to the street and invites all Lisboetas to get to know their Roman ancestors better. With multiple activities taking place at the archaeoological site, museum and the surrounding roads, this festival will give you a new perspective on the city and its past. After all, we’re all Romans and even a […]

Com'Out Lisbon

At this space (which we’ve christened Bibliófilo, or book-lover), there’ll be stories for little ones on Sunday mornings and readings for grown-ups in the evening. These readings will invite you to make a “Journey in Search of Amazement”, in a year of commemorations marking Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe. Literature is, very often, a […]

Com'Out Lisbon
Lisboa Soa

People, animals, plants and sound are in permanent migration, moving from place to place, silencing and transforming soundscapes on the way. In some cases, they never again find a place of belonging. In others, they are able to adapt and naturalise. The greenhouse is an example of taking in and sheltering: it protects different migratory plant […]