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Com'Out Lisbon
Lisboa Soa

People, animals, plants and sound are in permanent migration, moving from place to place, silencing and transforming soundscapes on the way. In some cases, they never again find a place of belonging. In others, they are able to adapt and naturalise. The greenhouse is an example of taking in and sheltering: it protects different migratory plant […]

Com'Out Lisbon

27 August to 1 September Travessa da Ermida  27 August – 7 pm – Opening 28 August to 1 September – 2 pm to 6 pm   28 August Cloister of the National Museum of Natural History and Science  10 pm   29 August Garden of the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) 9.30 […]

Lisbon Festivities
Vieira da Silva em Festa

The high point of this year’s festival is a video mapping show on the Museum’s façade and at the Jardim das Amoreiras. An open-air show, created from scratch, in which Vieira da Silva’s artworks are the subject of animations, effects and deconstructions by Oskar & Gaspar, with a soundtrack by Rodrigo Leão. It handles the […]

April in Lisbon
Memories of April – Video mapping

To mark the 45th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, Praça do Comércio will be staging a 360º, immersive video-mapping show, dedicated to the “Memories of April”. As the name suggests, the show aims to take the audience on a journey into the past, revealing the days in the run-up to the revolution, remembering the day […]

April in Lisbon
Political Festival (Day 2)

APRIL 26th 5pm Where is Europe going (Debate) – Sala Manoel de Oliveira 6.30pm “The Trial: The State of Russia VS Oleg Sentsov”, by Askold Kurov (Cinema) – Sala Manoel de Oliveira (75′; m/12)   9.30 pm Only in this country (Humour) – Sala Manoel de Oliveira 11pm Movie Session Borders (Cinema) – Sala 3 […]

April in Lisbon
Festival Política (Dia 3)

APRIL 27th 10.30am As Costas da Cidade (Tour) 3pm Tradballs – European Dance workshop – Sala Manoel de Oliveira 3.30pm An Analogical Chat about Internet  (Debate) – Sala 2 4pm “Catalunya: 1-0″, by Xuban Intxausti (Cinema) – Sala 3 (Spain, 40′; M/12) 4.30pm “Swap 6 for half a dozen” (Talk by Pedro) – Sala 2 […]

April in Lisbon
Political Festival (Day 4)

APRIL 28th 10.30am Neighborhood meeting at Portugal Novo (Tour) 3.30pm Discover Europe (Workshop for Children) – Sala 2 – M/6  3.30pm The Game of European Democracy (Workshop) – Sala Manoel de Oliveira 3.30pm Movie Session Borders (Cinema) – Sala 3 – M/12 “Haram-Forbidden”, by Mahir Yildiz (Austria, 11′) “The Pianist of Yarmouk”, byVikram Ahluwalia (United […]

Com'Out Lisbon
Marvila Days

Topias Urbanas is an opportunity to see the parish of Marvila in an unexpected way. It consists of three days of performances, walks, games and video projections, designed by a group of artists, architects and social scientists who, for a period of 10 months, spent time in the area and worked in close contact with some of its residents. […]