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Lisbon Festivities
Marchas Populares parade in the avenue

Guest group: Marcha Popular de Vale do Açor   Line-up: Marcha Infantil das Escolas de Lisboa Marcha Infantil “A Voz do Operário” Marcha dos Mercados Marcha da Santa Casa   Marcha da Mouraria Marcha do Castelo Marcha de Carnide Marcha da Bela Flor -Campolide Marcha do Bairro Alto Marcha do Bairro da Boavista Marcha da […]

Lisbon Festivities
Human Body Parts

Lisbon is going to be invaded by human organs! A hand, a mouth, a foot, a nose, an ear and an eye. A unique show, brought to you by the Australian company Snuff Puppets (1992), a community of artists and performers from Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to creating gigantic puppets and performing puppet theatre. Their creations […]