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Plastic Artists
Spring-Summer Collection 2022

SHOPS AND ARTISTS Óptica Jomil – Luisa Cunha Pharmácia Teixeira Lopes – Délio Jasse Franco Gravador – Odete Primeira Casa das Bandeiras – Horácio Frutuoso Cutelaria Polycarpo – Diana Policarpo Retrosaria Batista & Reis – Nardo – Mónica de Miranda Retrosaria Mário Ramos – Nardo – Mané Pacheco Retrosaria Bijou – Susanne Themlitz Retrosaria Adriano […]

April in Lisbon
April at Museu do Aljube

  16 APRIL 4.00 pm SONG IS A WEAPON A musical conversation with Manuel Pires da Rocha   17 APRIL 10.30 am “DON’T BE FOOLED!” A 2019 “propagandistic tale” by Sérgio Pelágio, aimed at children and youngsters.   19 APRIL 6.00 pm THE REVOLUTION FROM BEHIND A LENS Perspectives and photographs of the resistance and […]

Lisboa na Rua
Parallel Review Lisboa 2021

From 8 September, there will be a retrospective in the outdoor area of Mercado de Alvalade featuring a selection of artists who have participated in the project since its foundation in 2017: Extended Atlas, curated by Sandra Vieira Jürgens. On Saturday, 11 September, the Tira-Olhos association invites you to slow down and create with and […]

Lisboa na Rua
Festival Nosso Utsava

Organized by the association Isha Artes, this festival is an opportunity to make Indian culture known and to promote activities with the community that lives in Portugal. The program includes workshops, exhibitions, music and traditional food. Complete program  

Lisbon Festivities
Galerias Municipais

Spread across the whole city, there’ll be lots of art to see at the Municipal Galleries, all with free admission. If you’re already familiar with the galleries, then it’s a great time to revisit. If you’re not, then it’s the time to discover them. Until 7 July Manuel Zimbro – secret history of aviation and […]

April in Lisbon
Photograph Exhibition “Cultural Promotion Campaigns – 1975”

Photographs by Manuel de Brito MFA Cultural Promotion Campaign – Guarda and North Northeast Operations Opening: 17th april, wednesday, 11am Museu do Aljube – 4th floor

Lisboa na Rua
You are (not) here

“Places possess a spirit. But time doesn’t always allow them to keep the same one forever. In this piece of Lisbon, whatever it is in hectares (340), stretching from Terreiro do Paço to Entrecampos, ways of building, ways of letting go and part of a century died. Peace to its soil. In the middle of […]

Lisboa na Rua
Entrada Livre

TEATRO by Pascal Rambert 15 september, 8pm Sala Garrett THEATRE was born in Russia. Pascal Rambert was at the Moscow Art Theatre, having been invited to present the play Clôture de d’amour in Russian. During the time he was there, Rambert spoke with the actors. Young and old. He heard the stories and memories of […]

Lisboa na Rua

In its eight edition, the VICENTE project ends a programme of events that, since 2011, has sought to reinvent and explore the relationship between the public and the figure of (and myths surrounding) Saint Vincent, patron saint of Lisbon. VICENTE’18 takes place under the slogan “Lisbon, anchor of the infinite” and brings the artistic offering […]

April in Lisbon
Operation Condor

‘Operation Condor’ is the result of nine years of research and gathering images by the Portuguese photojournalist João Pina, in the form of a tribute to the memory of the victims of Operation Condor, a political-military alliance that prevailed at the height of the Cold War between the dictatorships of six Latin American countries – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. To complement the […]

Lisbon Festivities
Sails of Lisbon

The 5th edition of Sails of Lisbon, starting at Cais das Colunas for a regatta down the Tejo. A perfect occasion for taking that picture of Lisbon.  

Lisbon Festivities
Lovers’ Garden: The Art of Marrying in Mozambique

Weddings in Mozambique are surprising, but always solemn, rituals; an event of great importance for family and guests alike. They are prepared to the smallest detail and it is not uncommon for couples to wait for years until they have the necessary means to perform the ceremony (even if this means that the bride and […]

Lisbon Festivities
In the footsteps of Saint Anthony – A Journey by Gonçalo Cadilhe

Following his book and documentary, Gonçalo Cadilhe brings us the photographs of the journey he made, tracing the route of Saint Anthony through countries like Morocco, Spain, Italy and France.

Lisbon Festivities
LU.CA, a new theatre for kids

A new municipal theatre has been born on the Calçada da Ajuda. With an eye on the future, and pushing harder to create new audiences for the arts, Lisbon now has a theatre which is exclusively dedicated to art programmes for youngsters. This space has a long history dating back to 1737 when it was […]

Lisbon Festivities
You Are (not) Here

Thanks to Expo’98, the east section of Lisbon, which lay part abandoned, part frozen in time, was reborn with the creation of Parque das Nações, a city within a city. Photographer Bruno Portela was a privileged witness to one of the country’s greatest urban transformations. Few people have any idea of what inhabited the landscape […]

Lisbon Festivities
Saint Anthony’s Selfie Paper

Starting at Museu de Lisboa – Santo António we invite you to discover Alfama and Mouraria and take the most typical selfie.