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Plastic Arts

Lisbon Festivities
Human Body Parts

Lisbon is going to be invaded by human organs! A hand, a mouth, a foot, a nose, an ear and an eye. A unique show, brought to you by the Australian company Snuff Puppets (1992), a community of artists and performers from Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to creating gigantic puppets and performing puppet theatre. Their creations […]

Lisbon Festivities
MAAT Mural

Surviving artists who contributed to the original 1974 mural: Teresa Dias Coelho, Teresa Magalhães, Guilherme Parente, João Abel Manta, Jorge Martins, Manuel Baptista, Emília Nadal, Eurico Gonçalves, David Evans, Antonio Sena, Jorge Pinheiro, Sergio Pombo and José Aurélio. Artists invited to join the group of 48 artists: Ângela Ferreira, António Alves, Francisco Vidal, Gabriel Abrantes, […]