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Christmas in Lisbon
Christmas, Rock and Suchlike

This is the most recent compilation from Projeto Com Voz, a senior choir which aims to break age stereotypes. Specialising in Portuguese rock and pop, the choir will perform songs by Luísa Sobral, Rui Veloso, Tara Perdida and Deolinda.   Pedro d’Orey director and acoustic guitar Bruno Fonseca acoustic guitar/Portuguese guitar Gonçalo Leonardo acoustic bass […]

Christmas in Lisbon
In Nativitate Domini

A recreation of Christmas Day in the Early Middles Ages, the concert begins with the Matins Liturgy, celebrated before sunrise, followed by Mass. Complementing the Gregorian music, a Christmas Sequence will be sung which was written by the Benedictine monk Notker Balbulus (a composer and poet who lived in the 10th century in the monastery […]

Christmas in Lisbon
Christmas in the 1920s

Cottas Club reinterpret 1920s jazz in the style popularised by Louis Armstrong & His All Stars in the 1950s, flavoured with familiar Christmas themes. Marking the end of the exhibition “The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon”, this concert promises music, glamour and high spirits.  

Christmas in Lisbon
Time Travel

A selection of sacred pieces from different periods, revealing the mastery of their composers in the musical treatment of liturgical texts. It will begin with a motet dedicated to the Virgin Mary and two Christmas motets. The first part of the program includes four sacred pieces by contemporary composers. In the second part, the Lisbon […]